Top Four Priorities

More Issues:

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Jesse Bjorkman will sponsor and support legislation that reduces the cost of healthcare in Alaska.

We must end the monopolistic protections for the medical industry that result in the highest costs for healthcare and health insurance in the nation.


Jesse Bjorkman supports strong protections for Alaska’s fisheries and fair access to the resource for all.

We must have science based management of our fish to ensure maximum sustained yield of fish stocks for generations to come. 

We must eliminate trawler by-catch.

States’ Rights

Jesse Bjorkman will continue to fight against Federal overreach in Alaska. 

We must enforce and defend the Alaska Statehood Compact and ANILCA. These agreements with the Federal Government guarantee our rights, they must be followed.

We must enforce our rights to manage fish and game, develop our resources, and access our lands.

Election Integrity

While serving you on the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Jesse Bjorkman sponsored and passed legislation to make local elections more secure and transparent. Also, he helped lead a repeal effort to overturn vote-by-mail.

We must pass election security reform in Alaska that requires Photo ID to vote and electronic signature verification for those who choose to vote absentee by mail.

Building Our Kenai Infrastructure

State highway projects must fit the character and culture of the communities they are in. 

Infrastructure must prioritize local hire and jobs. Kenai contractors and families should be put to work on Kenai projects. 

Jesse’s priority for maintenance and infrastructure projects 

  • Re-pave Funny River Road. This has been on the list for 5 years.
  • Finish the highway widening project between Kenai and Soldotna
  • Rehab the Spur Highway North of mile 32
  • Deferred maintenance for schools. Many of our schools are plagued with leaky roofs. 

Jesse Bjorkman’s opponent says he is for jobs for Alaskans, but while working as a political operative in Juneau he decimated Alaska hiring. 


Supporting Our Tourism

Whether we like our not, tourists bring millions of dollars to our economy and small businesses. Our families and small businesses deserve state infrastructure that reflects volume of visitors to our community. 

As a State Senator, Jesse Bjorkman will always fight for the Kenai’s share of state and federal infrastructure investment. 

Bjorkman’s priorities:

  • Our dipnet fishery is a resource to all Alaskans. But our communities foot the bill. The State of Alaska needs to be a partner in developing and maintianing adequate dipnet fishery infrastructure. 
  • I support an Alaska State Parks boat takeout on the Kasilof River.
  • Maintained toilets and scenic view turnouts are a basic draw for the thousands of visitors to our community. This a basic responsibility of the Department of Transportation.