Priority #1: Fiscal Stability for Alaska

A PFD You Can Count On


We need to follow the law on the PFD. If the law doesn’t work, we need to change the law. Alaskans must have a PFD they can count on. 


Prioritize and Cap State Spending 

Jesse Bjorkman will strongly advocate for a constitutional spending limit that works to prioritize the needs of working Alaskans over special interests.

Alaska must prioritize investment in education, public safety and roads. They are the foundation of a functional and productive society

We must develop a budget that is responsive and sustainable without taxing hardworking Alaskans or their businesses.

Jesse at the Mic

Resource Development & Jobs

Jesse Bjorkman will work to diversify our economy for Alaskan jobs producing Alaskan products.

We must reduce burdensome regulations to business and always prioritize Alaskan-owned small businesses. They are the cornerstone of our economy.


Jesse will fight for our families, freedom, and our way of life. This includes bringing home jobs, infrastructure, and investment to the Kenai Peninsula.

Oppose New Taxes

Jesse Bjorkman will stand firmly against new taxes that will encourage the growth of government.

Support Senior Citizens

Jesse Bjorkman is committed to supporting senior citizens’ benefits and services. 

Jesse’s opponent is a career politician who cut the state Senior Benefits program while working as political operative in Juneau.

As an Assembly member, Jesse Bjorkman increased funding to our local Senior Centers.