Who is Jesse Bjorkman?

He’s a husband, Dad and hard working Alaskan. He’s a Republican running for Alaska State Senate to fight for hard working, freedom loving families like yours.

After working behind a meat counter, operating a crane in a paper mill and managing an archery shop, Jesse Bjorkman has been a teacher at Nikiski Middle/High School for well over a decade. He has served three years on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, he has commercial fished in Cook Inlet Drift fishery for ten seasons and is a life long sport fisherman. Jesse believes that the Alaskan values of self-reliance and resourcefulness are very important.

As a volunteer, Jesse Bjorkman teaches hunter education and organizes educational moose hunts annually to pass these Alaskan traditions on to our youth. He is also a director on the local Safari Club International board. In this role, he is a strong advocate for Alaska’s unique state’s hunting and land access rights.

For the last three years on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, Jesse Bjorkman has battled to reduce frivolous government spending, fought to protect your liberties, and passed legislation to secure our elections.

Throughout this election season you’ll hear a lot of talk. But, talk is cheap. No one ever built a good reputation by talking about what they are going to do. Jesse Bjorkman has accomplished a lot for working families during his time on the Borough Assembly. Its time to put him to work for you in Juneau.

Learn more about the key issues that he believes need to be addressed at the state level:

Portrait of Jesse Bjorkman, Alaska State Senate candidate
Jesse Bjorkman on the boat with his son
Jesse Bjorkman updating department of transportation signs
Jesse Bjorkman serving on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

Community, Family, Alaska Outdoors

Being an active community member is who Jesse Bjorkman is. Through his career and volunteerism he strives to embody Alaskan values and traditions. The Kenai Peninsula needs an honest leader who represents the best of Alaska.